Dinner: We don't have restaurants for dinner in our hotel, but we can introduce the restaurants nearby where you can enjoy the meal using food produced in Kyoto, we highly recommend them!

Breakfast: We serve casual buffet style breakfast here. Please enjoy the aroma of coffee and Danish of "Gion Boloniya"!


Casual buffet style breakfast—you can't miss Danish from "Kyoto Gion Boloniya".

Breakfast information

Time From 7am to 9am
Place At Hana cafe on the 1st floor
Price 900 yen per person (tax in)

Casual buffet style: Danish from "Kyoto Gion Boloniya", Daily stone oven bread, Daily sweet rolls, Fresh salad, Bacon, Boiled eggs, Daily soup, Rice balls, Daily dish, Coffee, Orange juice, Apple juice, Yogurt etc.

Ground coffee beans and Danish from "Boloniya" are perfect together.

Details & pictures

Good morning. Daily rice balls and "Obanzai" (Obanzai stands for Japanese traditional dish. This word is mainly used in Kyoto).
You can take a cup of coffee to your room. Please enjoy the aroma of coffee.

Dinner: our business partner

Are you interested in Japanese cuisine in Kyoto, but also worried about going to a completely new place for you and thinking it's quite pricy? No worries. Hana Hotel is happy to introduce you some really good recommendations in Kyoto which are not so pricy .We also have a tie-up with a bar and a cafe near the hotel where you can enjoy drinks and some cappuccino after dinner. Please let us know if you would like to make a reservation, we are willing to contact them to make a reservation with them.

Our business partner
 * They are not the restaurants in our hotel, they are located near us.

Restaurant (Japanese cuisine) 10 min. walk

Machishu Ryori Kyomon

Passion for soup stock makes true taste of Kyoto food.

Obanzai (traditional Japanese dish), pike eel, tilefish, Kyoto duck, tofu, yuba (tofu skin), raw wheat gluten...many of Kyoto's specialties are here. Enjoy these to the full in the relaxing mood.

Fixed holidays: No fixed holidays

Restaurant (Italian) 20 min. walk

Ryouridocoro Hana

2 chefs put Japanese and Italian food together—a new kind of meal has been created.

Ryouridocoro Hana is located at the bank of Kamogawa River and has a great seasonal view in each season. Having a quiet atmosphere, this restaurant is perfectly suitable for mature people who would like to enjoy their meal in a relaxing mood. By fusing Japanese food and Italian food together, a new style of Kyoto cuisine has been created. Enjoy a leisurely time there.

Fixed holidays: Sunday

Restaurant (Stake, Teppanyaki) 10 min. walk

PREMIUM Pound Sanjo Kiyamachi

Get ready to be amazed by the chef's technique to cook the meat at the counter.

Enjoy the very rare beef "Kobe beef" cooked on the hotplate. Not to mention these high-quality beef, please enjoy the other quality food materials.

Fixed holidays: Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday is a fixed holiday.)

Restaurant (Stake, deep-fried beef) 10 min. walk

Bunzo Pontocho

Savor the carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle) and wine to your hearts' content.

They serve different kinds of beef every day depends on the chef's careful it could be Kyoto beef, Oumi beef, or Kobe beef. Please look forward to finding out what kind of beef you're going to have when you go there...that is the best beef of the day!

Fixed holidays: Tuesday

Bar 1 min. walk

Feel "Kyo" Good

Take a minute of walk and say "Cheers!" to a good night in Kyoto!

Looking for a bar to stop by to have a glass of drink in the evening or after dinner? If so we highly recommend this bar! Enjoy the drinks and conversations with the master.

Fixed holidays: Wednesday

Café 10 min. walk


Lovely Kyoto lady's face, which is YOJIYA's symbol is on the cappuccino.

YOJIYA, also known as a famous oil blotting paper company, runs a cafe too. Hana Hotel has a special tie-up with YOJIYA CAFE Gion.

Fixed holidays: No fixed holidays