Itinerary ideas

Let's enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto in kimono!

Why not enjoy yourself in yukata and stroll in Kyoto, where you can feel traditional atmosphere and forget your busy daily life? Not to mention visiting temples or shrines, please enjoy your meal and shopping in kimono also.

Kimono rental shop

Looking for a kimono rental store in Kyoto? "Yumebijin" is our recommendation!

They have everything you need to wear kimono. Moreover you can have your hair set for free! It's only 10 minutes on foot from our hotel and they are located in Gion. So, you are all ready to go sightseeing after putting on kimono!

Discount available with "Kimono passport"

In Kyoto, many facilities such as temples, shrines and restaurants, give you discount if you wear kimono and visit them. Let's enjoy taking a break at cafes, going shopping, visiting temples and experiencing tea ceremonies with "Kimono passport"!

For more information of kimono passport, click here.

Enjoy a night in Kyoto in kimono

Kyoto is not only attractive in daytime, but also at night.

You can return your kimono to the reception at our hotel, so you don't have to worry about time when strolling (This is only available if you wear kimono on your check-in date.).

Ponto-cho street, which is only 7 minutes on foot from our hotel, have over 100 restaurants and you will see lanterns lightening up the night of Kyoto.